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Get Involved

TAAAC is a growing and collaborative educational partnership. We welcome the interest and assistance of anyone who is ready to help!

There are many ways for you to get involved:

  • If you are faculty at UofT, please consider applying for a one month teaching trip to Addis Ababa University, or involving your program or division in TAAAC.
  • We are keen to involve a resident/Master’s/PhD student with each trip – please consider volunteering. There is a selection committee for residents for each department or division involved, please contact the relevant partnership point person.
  • Are you experienced at raising funds? We are a registered charity and would be grateful for your expertise – please contact us!

  • Volunteers are always needed in Toronto to help with a variety of support tasks. Please contact us and tell us your skills and interest.
  • Make a donation to TAAAC today! Donations can be made on our website – for flight tickets, to buy much-needed medical textbooks, to help fund an Ethiopian resident studying in one of the training programs and much more. You can also donate your Airmiles © to TAAAC. 100% of your donation is used for the project.
  • Help TAAAC go green(er!) $20.00 offsets our carbon foot print/trip/person and plants much needed trees in Ethiopia.

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