Masters in Education

Masters in Education

In June 2015 Addis Ababa University (AAU) in partnership with the Wilson Centre and the University of Toronto (UofT) welcomed the first cohort of sixteen graduate students in their new Masters in Education. The program is co-led by Dr. Amha Mekasha, AAU and Dr. Brian Hodges, UofT.

This Masters provides an immersion in the field of health professions education and equips students with research and pedagogical skills to engage in scholarly educational work. Students receive modules on such topics as qualitative and quantitative methodologies, theories relevant to health professions education, teaching and pedagogy, issues of quality in education and principles of assessment, curricular development and evaluation. They are also expected to conduct an original scholarly project with the potential to inform the growth of AAU programming. Students are paired up with education scholars from the Wilson Centre and the University of Toronto. Mentors provide guidance, resources and support to students as they move through the various stages of the research process. Graduates of the program are expected to provide leadership in the ongoing efforts of AAU to provide sustainable high quality health professions education to meet the health needs of all Ethiopians.

Currently, the Wilson Centre and the University of Toronto provide a large part of the teaching of the Masters. In keeping with the TAAAC model the curriculum is designed in collaboration with AAU faculty. In upcoming years, graduates of the program are expected to join the faculty with the program expected to be self-sustaining within five years. The first cohort completed their training in the Winter of 2016 and receive their degrees in the July 2017 convocation ceremony.

Program Contributors


Dr. Amha Mekasha, AAU and Dr. Brian Hodges, UofT

Faculty Tutors

Dr. Amha Mekasha
Dr. Brian Hodges
Dr. Cynthia Whitehead
Dr. Tina Martimianakis
Dr. Ryan Brydges
Dr. Sophie Soklarides
Dr. Amy Bender

Graduate Student Instructors

Mr. Rob Paul

Faculty Mentors

Dr. Tim Dwyer
Dr. Risa Freeman
Dr. Brian Hodges
Dr. Mark Hanson
Dr. Julie Johnson
Dr. Ayelet Kuper
Dr. Jerry Maniate
Dr. Tina Martimianakis
Dr. Stephanie Nixon

Faculty Mentors

Dr. Richard Pittini
Dr. Paula Ravitz
Dr. Malika Sharma
Dr. Sophie Soklaridis
Dr. John Teshima
Dr. Cynthia Whitehead
Dr. Euson Yeung
Dr. Yvonne Ying

Program Contact Information

Dr. Tina Martimianakis
Strategic Lead International
Wilson Centre