Medical Imaging

Medical imaging as a formal medical speciality was established at Addis Ababa University in the ‘90s and therefore a well-founded residency training program exists at the AAU. Ten full-time radiologists along with a number of part-time radiologists participate in the training of 26 residents. The department is headed by Dr. Asfaw Atnafu, a fellowship trained radiologist.

TAAAC-Medical Imaging (TAAAC-MI) has recently been formed, and early discussion has concerned the development of subspecialty/fellowship level training program for current as well as newly trained radiologists. The University of Toronto contribution is being coordinated by Dr. Korosh Khalili, an abdominal imager.

Dr. Khalili is planning a 4 month on-site visit to AAU in January of 2012 to help lay the basis for fellowship level training in abdominal imaging for a core-group of 3 radiologists and potentially start a basic interventional program. Also part of TAAAC-MI is Dr. Josee Sarrazin, an abdominal imager with extensive experience in teaching radiology in the developing world. Dr. Sarrazin is planning an assessment visit in the fall of 2011 to AAU. Dr. Edna Becker, a highly experienced musculoskeletal radiologist and former head of radiology residency program at the University of Toronto rounds off the TAAAC-MI team. Her vast experience will help in the assessment of the current residency curriculum.

Program Contact Information

Korosh Khalili, MD, FRCPC

Josee Sarrazin, MD, FRCPC