What does TAAAC stand for?

Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration

What is TAAPP?

The Toronto Addis Ababa Psychiatry Project (TAAPP) is an educational collaboration between the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto and the Department of Psychiatry, Addis Ababa University (AAU). It started in 2003 at the invitation of the two Ethiopian psychiatrists on faculty at AAU, Dr Atalay Alem and DR Mesfin Araya in order to assist build and sustain the first psychiatry residency program in Ethiopia. It is an ongoing program and to date we have together graduated 30 AAU Ethiopian psychiatrists swelling the number of psychiatrists from 11 to 41. It provided the template on which TAAAC is modeled and is now housed under TAAAC although the psychiatry partnership between the two universities continues to be called TAAPP! www.utoronto.ca/ethiopia

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