Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration

TAAAC – was created in 2008 as a unique, multidisciplinary educational initiative partnering University of Toronto (UofT) with Addis Ababa University (AAU) in Ethiopia.

  • The goals of TAAAC
    • Assist AAU build and strengthen capacity and sustainability in medical, engineering, social sciences and other academic and technology graduate training programs.
    • enable UofT to increase understanding and skill sets in cross cultural education
  • The focus is on academic excellence between the two universities and their partner hospitals and institutions.
  • TAAAC is a non-profit organization supported by the leadership of AAU and UofT and participating faculties, departments, divisions and institutes.
  • TAAAC has a well-defined organizational structure and a clear governance model.

How does TAAAC work?  The best and the brightest academic faculty from UofT volunteer to teach and co-build with Ethiopian colleague’s essential residency, fellowship, Masters and PhD programs on the ground in Ethiopia. Under the leadership and guidance of AAU faculty the volunteers teach courses, supervise PhDs, provide clinical supervision and teach technical skills.

New graduates are hired to expand the faculty and take on education responsibilities at AAU and at the 30 new universities recently opened in Ethiopia.  This way each program becomes capable of replicating itself, independent of the need for UofT assistance.

TAAAC - Girl Fishing

The Power of International Collaboration

TAAAC supplements and strengths in-country graduate training opportunities and by establishing a critical mass of local faculty and practitioners, TAAAC has directly contributed to a 90% retention rate of newly graduated medical and academic experts.

TAAAC is a successful model of collaboration between a high and low income country in global health, promoting an accessible, robust health system and contributing directly to ongoing economic and infrastructure growth.

By facilitating excellence in academic research and practice, a new generation of confident and competent young Ethiopians will help fulfil their country’s great potential.  Simultaneously UofT faculty and students engage in a meaningful collaboration that builds on UofT’s commitment to global citizenship and international engagement.